Green Building Initiatives

Green stores save you money.

By building simple and efficient stores, we keep our costs down so you save money on groceries. Southern California Edison's 'Savings by Design' estimates our building use about 30% less energy than a typical supermarket.

our solar powered distribution center

One of the biggest solar arrays in California on top of our very own distribution center


solar stores

Some of our stores in Arizona also make use of solar power 


We try to save energy wherever possible.

  • In our prototype stores, we use skylights and oversized windows to bring in more natural light; and our overhead lights automatically dim when there is enough natural light to save energy.
  • We are working with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to certify our buildings as sustainable and energy efficient stores.
  • We are a member of The Climate Registry, a group that standardized the measurement for greenhouse gas emissions across North America. 
  • We received EPA's Annual Environmental Achievement Award in 2011 for having the most GreenChill Store Certifications in the nation.
  • The LED lighting that we use for our exterior signs, cooler doors, and freezer cases uses significantly less energy than fluorescent lights.
  • We increased insulation in our buildings so we use less heating and air conditioning.
  • Our refrigeration units are designed to use at least 10% less energy than standard units.
  • We use night shades on our refrigeration cases to keep cool air from escaping and secondary-loop systems to reuse cool air.
  • We installed a 500,000 sq ft roof-mounted solar installation on our distribution center in Riverside, California. It is one of the largest solar panel installations in North America.