Celebrate National Food Bank Week with us

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This week is National Food Bank Week! fresh&easy celebrates this week to highlight our year around mission of partnering with local food banks. We are proud to support organizations like Three Square Food Bank in Nevada, St. Mary's Food Bank in Arizona, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in California and several regional Second Harvest Food Bank locations.
Three Square Food Bank in Southern Nevada
Once again this year, we'll be hosting our annual holiday food drive! This is a chance for you to get in the giving spirit by donating any boxed or canned goods in specially labeled boxes at any Fresh & Easy location, from mid-November through Dec. 31st. Last year, over $1 million in food and other product was donated!

We chatted with Erica Thompson, the Director of Corporate Giving at Three Square Food Bank in Southern Nevada, to give you the 'inside view' on how just one of our local food bank partners works. Three Square began distributing food into the community on December 17, 2007, which is around the time fresh&easy came to Nevada too. So we've been partners since the start!


Lots of people are familiar with food drives, especially around the holidays - is that how you collect most of your food?


Erica: The food for our organization is collected three different ways: donations, rescued products, and purchased products. We then give the food to our program partners such as churches, after-school programs, soup kitchens and other non-profits, who distribute it directly to those in need.


Kids enjoying lunch from Three Square Food Bank
Since it's National Food Bank Week, what's one thing you would like to tell people about food banks that they might not know?


Ericka: Sometimes people don't realize that in this vibrant city hunger is still a very real issue; 1 in 6 people currently struggle with hunger in Southern Nevada.  Hunger is a year-round problem, so we're operating 12 months a year and serving about 100,000 individuals per month. Yet this wouldn't be possible without the support of companies like Fresh & Easy. Over the last 18 months, Fresh & Easy donated food through the Food Rescue Program, helping provide meals for those in need.


We absolutely love giving back to our local food banks. Are there any other ways our readers and customers can give back this holiday season?

Ericka: There are several ways people can get involved: by volunteering their time, participating in food drives and giving financially.