Vegan Awareness Month - We're Vegan-Friendly!

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November is Vegan Awareness Month and we thought we'd celebrate with an Easy Meal Idea video and a quick guide to our vegan friendly products. Practicing vegans abstain from consuming food with animal products, but as you'll see below, that does not exclude them from enjoying tasty, nutrient-filled meals!

While red meat, poultry, and seafood are the obvious kinds of animal-based products that are not a part of the vegan diet, diary and eggs are other food groups vegans avoid. While it can sound like this excludes an awful lot of food options, we wanted to show you that Fresh & Easy carries many vegan-friendly items that everyone can enjoy! 

While vegans abstain from dairy, they can enjoy plant-milks such as almond milk, coconut milk & soy milk. We carry all of these at Fresh & Easy:

Almond Milk Rs Coconut Milk Rs Soy Milk Rs

Our hummus, salsa and butternut squash soup make great side dishes that are completely free from animal products. 

Humus Rs Southwest Salsa Rs Soup Rs

And last but not least, soy, wheat and pea proteins in addition to vegetables and grains is a staple in vegan meat substitutes. From "bbq shreds" to "chickin" (faux chicken), you can find many protein packed options in our produce aisle. With so many nutritional upsides, they are all great items no matter if you're vegan, vegetarian or a meat-lover. For a complete list of our vegetarian and vegan items please visit our site here  

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In addition to it being Vegan Awareness Month, we thought that in the midst of holiday prepping, even meat eaters would enjoy a break from the usual steak & potatoes and try a quick and delicious all-vegan meal before its Turkey or "Tofurkey" time next week. Below Chef Cyndi shows how easy it can be to make a complete vegan meal with only 3 items.