Sign up today to try Home Chef’s Fresh and Easy plan

Sign up today to try Home Chef’s Fresh and Easy plan

Easiest. Meal Plan. Ever.

Home cooking is a breeze with Home Chef’s Fresh and Easy meal plan. Prepped, portioned, and ready to cook – little to no clean-up!

Fast & Fresh

Pop Fast & Fresh meals in the microwave for yummy flavors in minutes, OR heat 'em and eat 'em fresh from the oven.

Oven Ready

Pots and pans, you’re off the hook. Pre-portioned ingredients come fresh inside an oven-safe tray, so dinner is ready in no time, and clean-up is a piece of cake.

Grill Ready

Fire up the grill for a quick, flavorful meal. Assemble the ingredients in the grill-safe bag and throw it on the grill. Get dinner done!

15 Minute Meal Kits

Get dinner on the table pronto, with fully prepped and portioned ingredients.

Entrée Salad

Need a quick, healthy dinner in a pinch? Fresh veggies and proteins come pre-cooked and pre-portioned so all you have to do is combine the ingredients and enjoy!

Home Cooking Has Never Been Easier

Effortlessly create and plate tasty meals like a pro… with no mess!